About Us


Family Owned and Operated Since 2004

Little Red Wagon Granola began 16 years ago at the Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market in North Carolina. The original owners, Hank and Yolanda Bravo, had a simple mission: to create delicious, balanced homemade granola. Over the years, the business expanded along the East Coast and into SE Canada. All the while keeping the simple, quality ingredients that had become a sought-after favorite by local fans.

Today, we honor the Little Red Wagon roots with handcrafted batches and the same dedication to quality. We’ve layered on our own values to ensure our customers receive a great product, while creating a diverse and positive work environment. We’re also committed to running the business in a sustainable and environmentally-conscious manner. We continue to be a family-owned and operated business and extend the same family values to our dedicated employees and loyal customers.

–– Ven McMahan

Mission – Balanced for All

In both life and granola, we are all striving for balance. We believe part of what makes our homemade granola so special is its timeless ability to provide nutrition and comfort. We also believe in the future of granola––made sustainably, with intent, and balanced with all the goodness that our customers expect. At Little Red Wagon Granola, we try to balance handcrafted goodness and good quality ingredients with modern practices. In every cluster, there is a balance between a familiar crunch and surprising flavor. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it for you!

Healthy Food, Healthy People, Healthy Earth

The three tiers of Little Red Wagon Granola keep us crafting delicious granola that’s good for the soul and the world.


Our granola is made with the highest quality local ingredients that we can find. It’s non-GMO, made of nutritious whole grains, and sustainably sourced.


At Little Red Wagon Granola, we think health goes beyond nutrition. We genuinely care for and are committed to both our employees and customers, encouraging balance in all aspects of life.


Our products have always been and always will be made by hand. We source our ingredients from suppliers with similar values, use industry best practices, and choose sustainable packaging.


Our Hands and Hearts

From Little Red Wagon Granola’s humble origins in a farmers’ market to today, each cluster has been made by hand. Our artisanal clusters are never manufactured. We stay away from powdery oats and shrunken raisins, so you get a perfectly crunchy and flavorful bite every time. Plus, you can pronounce all of our ingredients. Most of all, we craft our granola with our hearts. Each raw ingredient, each batch, and each package that goes out the door is made with our best intentions and best practices.

Our Team

As with each bag of granola, we believe that a balanced team is essential. We value a diverse team that allows each team member to bring in their unique experiences to create a better us. We also believe everyone is entitled to a life outside of work. That’s why we encourage a work-life balance for our employees and give them the respect, equality, and care they deserve.

Ven McMahan / OWNER

As a Little Red Wagon owner, Ven has a hand in every facet of the operation. On a daily basis, she oversees all of the production and maintains relationships with customers and suppliers. Caring and hardworking, Ven loves being able to create a great product and lead a great team. She’s motivated by her family and team members and focuses on the whole experience, from making great food from delicious ingredients to providing a balanced work environment.

Favorite Granola Flavor: Crunchy Monkey for the delicious blend of chocolate and banana chips.


As the Little Red Wagon Production Manager, Karra is hands-on through the entire baking and packing process. The best part of her job is creating a high-quality product that customers enjoy (and come back to, time and time again). Karra is motivated by the team and loves how everyone works hard to consistently deliver a high-quality product.

Favorite Granola Flavor: Crunchy Monkey and Mocha; she loves anything with chocolate.

Lisa Littlejohn / Bakery and Packaging Lead

Lisa works as the Bakery and Packaging Lead, which means she’s integral in getting the handmade granola baked, packaged, and ready to go for customers. She takes great pride in ensuring product safety by maintaining a clean working environment. Lisa’s favorite parts of the job are the hours and her co-workers; for her, it’s like working with family.

Favorite Granola Flavor: She’s allergic to nuts, but is excited for upcoming allergy-friendly recipes!

Bassim Andraus / Baker

As a Little Red Wagon baker, Bassim is responsible for preparing all the ingredients, ensuring quality control for each batch, and keeping the equipment in good working order. As a hard worker himself, Bassim’s inspired by how well the team works together to create a great product. He looks forward to growing his skills and growing as a company.

Favorite Granola Flavor: Mocha because he loves the coffee flavor.

Essence Pearson / Baker

Essence’s role as a baker means she knows firsthand what goes into making each of Little Red Wagon’s clusters delicious. Funny and thoughtful, she loves knowing they’re making a high-quality product for people to enjoy. Essence is motivated by her family and co-workers who keep her going, help her to learn, and motivate her to grow.

Favorite Granola Flavor: Cosmopolitan for its citrus tangy-sweet flavors of orange and cranberries.